Brother Ali – Never Learn (Official Video)


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From Brother Ali’s full length album, “All The Beauty In This Whole Life” out now on Rhymesayers Entertainment:

“This is another presentation made possible by community. We shot it in New Mexico at Dar Al Islam, a beautiful worship and healing center built mostly by American Muslims in the Adobe style prevalent in the Southwest. Spiritual and wisdom tradition holds that buildings should be designed in harmony with the natural beauty of the location, as well as the culture of the people in that area. Many of my elders built this place, and many of my friends grew up there.

One thing interesting about this location is that after the death of Tupac Shakur, the Dar Al Islam community opened its doors to film his “I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto” video there.

The dancers are Al Taw’am from Minneapolis. You may recognize them from the “Mourning In America” video, as well as their own international videos and news pieces. The twins are dear family friends and leaders in our cultural and spiritual community. Their movement speaks of their family legacy of dignified regality. I believe them to be royalty. They choreographed this incredible piece and brought the entire song and video to life.

The video was directed by Kron, whom we’ve worked with in the past. He and his crew did an incredible job and I’m deeply grateful.

Of course, Ant made the track with G Koop playing the instruments and deM atlaS added some additional operatic vocals at the end of the song. Special thanks to: Siddiq, Sidi Hakeem Archuletta, La’kisha Raeesah Holloman, Amir Sulaiman, and anyone else I’m forgetting.
Please enjoy.”

– Brother Ali

Music produced by Ant

Video produced by MEOW WOLF (
Director: Kron
Producers: Ryan Thompson & Tristan Love
AD: Amy West

Dancers/Choreographers: Al Taw’am

DP: James Longmire
1st AC: Grant MacAllister
2nd AC: Royce Leii
B-Cam/Drone: Brian Solomon
Gaffer: Drew Stahelin
Key Grip: Josean Partida
Swing: Shantanu Saraga
ART Director: Chelsey Danielsen
SPFX: Scott Hastings
Set PA: Noah Trainor
UPM: Alexandra Renzo
BTS: Lindsey Kennedy

Edited by: James Love Kron
Colorist: Anton Esteban

Horse wrangler: Casidy Sanchez
Horse 1: YoYo
Horse 2: Joe

Special Thanks:
Leo Fields
Dar Islam Mosque
Albuquerque Fire Dept.
Brian Barnes
Rick Bressan
Tim Calahan
David Cudney
David Busse
Beautiful Sky Productions
12 FPS
Amazing Animal Productions
Sid Yost
Bill Stengel
Seth Fuller


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