Feedback Vol 1 Cypher feat. Switch B, Lex Leosis, J.O. Mairs and Gene One (Prod. by Lancecape)


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In the back alley behind Toronto Collective, watch Switch B, Lex Leosis, J.O. Mairs and Gene One flow like lava on this fire Lancecape production. Feedback Vol 1 is presented by AddiK Productions. #CypherReady

Feedback Vol 1 represents a step in a new direction for rap cyphers, bringing 4 lyricists together to rock over a crazy beat isn’t new; but what is new is a cinematic approach to our live cypher. We choreographed every step, every camera angle, and we let the artists do what they do best… rap.

With musical production from the legendary Monolith beatsmith Lancecape and the backdrop of Toronto Collective’s back alley, the Feedback Vol 1 Cypher brings raw, gritty street culture to the forefront. Presented by Addik Productions and 40oz Heroes, the cypher features Switch B, Lex Leosis, J.O. Mairs and Gene One and was filmed just before the 1st edition of Feedback; an event showcasing some of Toronto’s most underrated Hip Hop artists.

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