Osi – Yaa Duunyaa (Oh World)

Osi    45

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Osi – Yaa Duunyaa (Oh World)
Produced by: John Carter
Engineer: The Mail Man
Music Video Directed by: Creatures Vision – CON – Loots

I don’t think I like you (no, no)
I don’t think I like you (no, no)

Boy you played me wrong
Said you’d be there till the end
We wrote our names in stone
But all you did was pretend
I gave you all I owned
All those rules that I bent
I stayed loyal and true
But I guess some things just ain’t meant

Boy I fell for your lies
I wont lie I
Fell for you hard
I wont lie I
Fell for the love
got played out -I
I was so naive
rolled up sleeves he loved to tease (True)
He was from the hood, looking fly, looking good.
But he passed me up quick, had the next chick on the line, like switch (switch)
Play me now I’m cold as shit
Ima let Karma do her thang
take a breathe, let it sink in – such a small spec – relative to this Duunyaa (World)
They watchin, they lurkin
they know we up next, we up next, we up next
We Keep it lowkey, money music family
come back next week, do it all again with my team with my squad
We Go Hard

Ending the year on the write note, like we always do
Okay – We Make Em Feel A Little Better Than Okay –Okay
We Always Show Up Fresh – Decked Out, Yes We’re Fresh Out.
Envision – On A Mission. We see the vision
Insert your fallacies quick with precision for me
Bring your fantasies to life for me (bring your fantasies to life for me).
Chill out, don’t trip out, (motherfucker don’t like?) Don’t try me
I hate a bitch that would try to bit me (Roahhhr)
Fuck these hoes, I’m on my toes
Moving like a ninja no camel toe
I’m free uplifted, spirit gifted ain’t a mind reader but I know I’m gifted
Move the fuck back I’m bout to break this ceiling
I don’t need your permission, pistol loaded
I’m in for the kill tell em cypher poked it
Realize real eyes recognize
Motherfuckers like them are hard to recognize
I wouldn’t jeopardize where I’m standing at right now in life.
This is a blessing in disguise .
Can’t pretend with them lies.
Push my feelings out the way I wanna see with open eyes.
Lets find a road mapped out with gold so we can give back to the world no lie
Blessed livin in bubble but we just some savages in disguise
They wanna see us dead beat broke
Begging on our knees don’t choke
I’m praying for better days something like heaven today
These haters they goin come with the hate from all types of ways


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