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“VIVID” Walkthroughs #3 – LOOPER MODULE – 80 Construction kits – 1,300 Loops, All On Board!

Written by on 05/05/2017

The new VIVID Kontakt Library Suite: Get it:

80 Construction kits for Kontakt – mix/match.
Each kit has between 16 – 25+ loops that ‘go together’ (a couple have less than 16, most have 20’ish). They are essentially full songs broken down into easy to work with bars and layers of sounds that you put into combinations and build onto. A lot of these compositions have actually been made using the VIVID engine 100%/all layers (we even have a few videos showing how we make the beats and construction kits).

All 80 compositions are time-synced, and looped. So as long as you don’t go too far above or below the shown BPM, you can add these to anything or use them as your foundation to your beats. There are literally unlimited combinations of sounds here. A lot of the beats elements can also be found in the ‘midi pattern builder’ midi files.

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