“VIVID” Walkthroughs #8 – MY INSTRUMENT – Import YOUR Samples, Edit KSP+++

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The new VIVID Kontakt Library Suite: Get it: http://www.DUBturbo.com/vivid-index.php

Wanna make your own Kontakt instrument? Our blank versions are literally just that – you open them up in kontakt, do a save as, and start dragging in your own samples into the pre-made groups. There is a 40x groups version, and a 120 (three banks of 40) version.

Once you’re done, well, you’re done! Start playing and messing with your samples~! Or send them in for potential inclusion in our expansion packs section and make some money with us while getting your samples out there through our outreach.


Record Label-Digital Distribution-Promo https://t.co/ao6VVBNI0E https://t.co/z42xwYJvLT https://t.co/18WzvSaVCE https://t.co/ZFhAUjXY7L


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