Woodlawn Warriors – Witching Hour (VIDEO)

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Artist : Woodlawn Warriors
Title : Witching Hour
Producer : Mr. Erbie (DJ Cuts by DJ Coach One)
Directed By / Edited By : Mordecai (Woodlawn Warriors) / DJ Coach One
Genre : Rap
FOR RELEASE – Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Guelph, ON – Hiphop trio Woodlawn Warriors return with a brand new video from their album, The
Second Coming. Directed by Mordecai, edited by DJ Coach One (who also does DJ cuts on the song),
and produced by Mr. Erbie, Witching Hour is the third official video from The Second Coming. Fans of
gritty, underground hiphop will never be let down with Woodlawn Warriors music. Students of the
game, the trio keep lyricism at the forefront of their music as evident on Witching Hour. From lyrics, to
production and video, those looking for neck-snapping, boombap will thoroughly enjoy Witching Hour.

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Twitter : @HookToTheHead
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